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What is a Recycled Plastic Bikini? Trends in Eco Friendly Swimwear

What is a Recycled Plastic Bikini? Trends in Eco Friendly Swimwear You may have heard of brands offering recycled plastic swimwear or eco friendly swimsuits made with recycled plastic bottles and thought to yourself, how on earth can a bikini be made from plastic? Sustainable and eco friendly swimwear is becoming more popular, with recycled plastic swimwear emerging at the forefront of this environmental trend.  A few inventive companies have been able to utilize recovered trash from the ocean and landfills, recycled plastic bottles, and left over plastic from the manufacturing process and turn it into swimwear fabric. This is, in part, a response to the plastic pollution crisis facing the ocean today where approximately 8 million tons of trash...

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How to Wear the Kailua Wrap Top

We are obsessed with our new wrap top because of its versatility! The Pure Bliss Wrap Top can be worn three different ways, is seamless for a second- skin feel, and double lined with sustainable fabric for durability.

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Easy Ways To Help The Ocean

Thinking about how to help the ocean can seem overwhelming and daunting so we wanted to compile a list of easy things to try to begin implementing everyday. Begin by starting with one or two of the ideas below, and over time adding more and more simple steps into your day.

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