The Difference Between Fast and Slow Fashion in the Swimwear Industry

The term fast and slow fashion has been used over the last couple of years to try and help consumers discern the difference between brands focused on quality and lifespan of a product, and companies prioritizing their bottom line.  We all know the typical fast fashion company pushing the keeping up with the Joneses mentality.  Every season they offer an abundance of"trendy" products, and at the end of the season try to dump these same products at 60-75% off, causing the discerning consumer to question the value of the product in the first place.  On the opposite end of the spectrum are the slow fashion brands.  Products produced by these companies will typically be a bit more pricy but focus on quality to ensure it lasts for years to come in an effort to promote sustainability.  We have compiled a list below of what to look for when searching for a slow fashion company.  

Pure Bliss Bikinis made with recycled plastics

Quality Above All 

A slow fashion brand will focus on the quality of the product.  By focusing on crafting a garment made from quality fabrics and materials, the brand can ensure it will last as long as possible.  When a garment can be in use for years, it reduces the need for the consumer to replace it every year, leading to less depletion of natural resources.  

Sustainable Bikinis

Fabric quality

When shopping for a slow fashion item, first check the quality of the fabric.  Is it made of sustainable materials?  Does it feel like it will hold up well with multiple washes?  We've all had cheap Forever 21 shirts that look adorable for the first wear and then warp upon the first wash.  Stay away from products that remind you of that experience.  

Quality of materials

Similar to searching for quality fabrics, search out garments made with good hardware.  Whether it is the zipper on a pair of jeans or the straps on a handbag, most of us can tell by picking up a garment and feeling it whether or not it was made to last.  If you are shopping online, try to find reviews that shed light on how the item has held up over time.

Less caught up in trends

Slow fashion is less caught up in current trends than it is with creating timeless, classic pieces.  By participating in slow fashion, a mindset shift needs to take place to move from wanting to stay up on the latest and greatest trends, to pursuing items that will last for years to come.

No Massive End of Year or Season Sales

Slow fashion companies rarely have massive end of the year or season sales because they, and their customers, know the value of their product.  You won't find a slow fashion company offering 75% off at the end of the season because they would be promoting the cycle of buy, use, discard, repeat.  Slow fashion companies aim to provide their customers with a product that can be used over and over again, bringing something of value is the goal, not promoting their bottom line by a quick inventory dump.

Focus on the Environment by Creating Meaningful Garments Made to Last

The environmental toll caused by the fashion industry is staggering.  According to Business Insider, "The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics."  Yikes.  As a consumer, we show our support of environmental causes most frequently with the products we choose to buy.  The easiest way to prioritize the Earth is by purchasing products that create as minimal of an impact as possible.  

The Good News

Pure Bliss Bikinis beach cleanup

Pure Bliss Bikinis uses regenerated nylon fibers to create recycled swimwear and removes a pound of trash from the ocean for every bikini purchased.

There are many amazing slow fashion brands within the swimwear industry.  Look for companies you believe are putting the environment and sustainability first and invest in swimwear you will want to wear for years to come.