We are so excited you are hosting your very own beach/waterway cleanup. 

Thank you so much for helping us spread love towards the environment by volunteering to hosting a beach cleanup! We want to thank you with an ethically made bikini for your part in bringing awareness to the challenges facing the ocean.

1. Only one person will receive the store gift card per cleanup. The person who fills out the online form and takes the initiative to gather friends or do a solo cleanup will get the gift card sent directly to their email. No one else attending or helping with the cleanup besides the host will receive any store gift cards. We do appreciate everyones help, and if an attendee wants to host their own cleanup they may do so. The more the merrier. 

2. Once we have received confirmation of the cleanup via the online form, and have been tagged in a cleanup post on your instagram account (all photos posted by hosts can be shared on our social media and website platforms) we will send the host an $99 dollar gift card via the email they entered in the sign up form.

3. Please follow the most up to date Covid - 19 guidelines in your area to keep you, and your fellow beach buddies, safe.

4. The gift card you will receive can be used on any item in our store. It will be subject to our shipping and return costs depending on where are in the world.