What fabrics are our bikinis made with?

Pure Bliss Bikinis are handmade in small batches by independent seamstresses in the United States.  Our sustainable eco fabric is created with ECONYL® regenerated nylon which utilizes recycled plastics like ghost fishing nets pulled from the ocean, leftover fabric scraps, and fluff from old nylon carpets. 

Our suits are incredibly soft to the touch and double lined for durability to ensure you can enjoy wearing it for as long as possible.  We are incredibly proud our eco friendly bathing suits are made from an Italian Lycra by Carvico, a group who has created a sustainable techno-fabric made with ECONYL® - a regenerated polyamide fiber from pre- and post-consumer waste - which, when tested in real life conditions proved to be two times more resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils than competitors’ fabrics.  These amazing results are achieved thanks to its innovative construction and to the presence of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™.  The ECONYL® regenerated nylon is created by a process that recovers and regenerates waste from the following areas,
  1. Fishing Nets (spent fish farming nets and ghost fishing nets)  Healthy Seas, an initiative founded by Aquafil, works to clean the ocean and protect marine life by removing ghost fishing nets from the ocean which are then regenerated and turned into yarn to be used to make fabric.  As a preventative measure, they have created outreach programs in partnership with fishing communities to help educate and bring awareness to the problems caused by ghost fishing nets.
  2. Fluff (the upper part of old, spent Nylon carpets)
  3. Industrial Plastic Waste
  4. Yarn Discards
  5. Fabric Scraps
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The waste to wear movement is one we are so excited to be a part of.  We love partnering with groups on the forefront of sustainability in the fashion industry.  The journey of recovering fishing nets from the ocean, industrial plastic waste, and fabric, yarn, and carpet scraps, is not an easy one.  The first step in the process is to rescue the waste from the ocean or from landfills.  It is then cleaned and sorted before going through the regeneration process.  After an extensive purification process, the nylon has been recycled back into its original form and is used in many fabric applications, just like a virgin fiber would be.