The Classic Triangle String Bikini Set - Why it's a Must Have Summer Staple

What is the classic triangle string bikini?

When picturing the quintessential bikini, the image that almost always flashes to mind is a triangle string bikini.  It has been a popular style for decades but was also one of the first bikini styles ever made.  Although it has evolved from where it first started, a classic string bikini set is a must-have staple in a summer wardrobe as it offers versatility through being adjustable and the ability to wear multiple ways. 

White rib string bikini

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What are the benefits of wearing a string bikini?

String Bikinis Can be worn in multiple ways 

The classic triangle bikini can be worn multiple ways.  The bottoms can sit low on the hips or pull up high for a trendy, high-leg look.  A triangle string bikini top can be worn five different ways, all giving off a different vibe.  Check out our blog to learn new ways to tie a triangle string bikini top.

String bikinis are Almost Always Adjustable

The classic triangle string bikini is adjustable.  The bikini bottoms have ties on the sides, and the most traditional style of the top ties behind the neck and behind the back.  It's such a nice staple to have in your summer wardrobe because you can adjust the way it fits you when both styles and our bodies change.  We embrace the ever-changing seasons and even more so love having adaptable staples.

black rib triangle string bikini

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Why are string bikinis flattering?

String Bikinis have Minimal Fabric

Triangle bikinis tend to use less fabric, showing more skin and giving a sleek and sexy vibe.

String Bikinis offer Flattering Fits

The shape of the triangle on the busts shows the outline of the breast and just enough cleavage.  The cut of string bikini bottoms can vary, but typically is a bit on the cheeky side. 

Can size string bikinis up and down depending on preference

One fantastic aspect of string bikinis is their versatility.  If you prefer more coverage simply order the next size up.  Care to have a little less coverage? Buy a size down.  With the suit being fully adjustable, the main difference between sizes will be fabric coverage.

black string bikini set

Styles of string bikini tops

Adjustable triangle string bikini top

String bikini tops don't all look the same, but the one common theme is triangle cutouts and thin strings.  The straps can be fixed in place or completely adjustable by having ties behind the neck and back.  We love the flexibility that accompanies adjustable strings so as not to have to commit to one particular fit or chance it fitting poorly.

Padding or no padding

When triangle string bikini tops were first coming out, most had removable padding.  As a more natural look has come into style, so has the emergence of more swimwear pieces being padding-free.

Styles of string bikini bottoms

Adjustable string bikini bottoms

Side tie string bikini bottoms

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Adjustable string bikini bottoms have ties on the sides.  We love this option so you can be the one to decide and customize how the bottoms will fit.  Tight, loose, high on the hip, low rise? You decide how you want these side-tie string bikini bottoms to fit.

Nonadjustable string bikini bottoms

One trend that has come to the forefront of swim season is string bikini bottoms that have one thin strap of fabric on the sides without the ability to tie.  A new take on the classic look.