The Benefits of Seamless Swimwear

Bathing Suits That Won't Dig In

Have you ever worn a swimsuit that fit like second-skin? It's amazing! Perhaps you've only had experiences with bathing suits with seams; the rubbing, digging-in, and weird second roll creation are enough for anyone to want to search for another option. Enter seamless swimwear.  Made with a thin piece of elastic sewn into the interior of two pieces of fabric, there are no visible seams, only silky smooth swimwear fabric conforming to the curves of your body.  Let us layout the reasons to skip seams altogether and opt for a seamless swimsuit.

Seamless black bikini set

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Benefit #1 - Get that Second Skin Feel

The feeling of a seam rubbing against the skin can be incredibly uncomfortable.  Seamless bikinis do a much better job of conforming to the contours of the body instead of forcing your body into the shape it wants.  Swimwear fabric, by its nature, is very soft and smooth.  When there are no seams to get in the way it tends to hug the body, fitting just like a second skin.

Floral and black reversible and seamless one piece swimsuit

The Bo One Piece, Seamless and Reversible to Classic Black

Benefit #2 - Seam Free Swimwear is often Reversible

Often seamless bikinis are designer-made and can run a bit more on the expensive side.  Fortunately, many brands will create reversible bikinis when making seamless swimwear.  Because there are no seams, it's easy to flip from one side to the other having two looks in one.  

reversible floral and black bikini

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Benefit #3 - No additional rolls created from digging in

We've all had it.  That second butt cheek created from a seam on a pair of bikini bottoms digging in a little too tight.  Whether it's on the hips, butt, or upper back, the creation of additional rolls created from seams is unflattering and just plain uncomfortable.

Benefit #4 - Longer Lasting Swimsuits

Seams that continually rub against the skin are more prone to fray than a seam tucked into two layers of fabric.  Seamless swimsuits will typically last longer because of this fact, and because they are double-lined by two pieces of swimwear fabric.

Black reversible bikini

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Benefit #5 - Double-lined fabric 

Less see-through and more durable swimwear is created when using double-lined fabric.  Instead of using a liner, bathing suits that are seamless use two layers of swim fabric, typically making them higher quality.  

Benefit #6 - Seamless Bikinis are Higher Quality

Creating seamless swimwear pieces takes extra care and precision.  Instead of a ply of cheap liner material being sewn into an exterior seam as on traditional swimwear, seamless swimwear is of higher quality due to the substantiveness of each piece of material.  The double-lined fabric found in most seamless swimwear pieces and the hidden nature of the elastic tucked between each layer, instead of exposed as on traditional swimwear, leads to more substantive, higher quality pieces.  Seamless swimwear is not cutting corners by substituting the inner layer of fabric with a cheaper, less quality, piece of fabric.  In contrast, the double-lined nature of seamless swimwear makes each piece last longer due to each piece having two layers of luxurious fabric, instead of just one found in traditional swimwear pieces.

Benefit #7 - Seamless Swimwear Retains Its Shape Better

Seamless swimsuits do a superb job at stretching to the shape of the body while maintaining the integrity of shape and form.  This is due to the balance created when a piece is double lined with the same high-quality material.  As in this case, swimwear shrinks back to its original shape well because of this balance and the seams being protected in between each layer of fabric.