Our Company Ethos

We created Pure Bliss Bikinis to offer women a sustainable and guilt-free bikini.  We are passionate about the health of the ocean, and created Pure Bliss Bikinis to inspire bikini loving women everywhere to protect our earth.  It is our hope to educate others about how single use plastics impact the ocean, and to be encouraging of one another to make positive changes in consumptive behavior.

Our desire to advocate on behalf of the ocean has led us to commit to removing one pound of trash from the ocean for every bikini purchased.  We host waterway cleanups in our local community and when traveling join various amazing ocean conservancy organizations to contribute to their local efforts.

Sustainable Fabric

Our high quality and sustainable eco fabric is created with ECONYL® regenerated nylon which utilizes recycled plastics like ghost fishing nets pulled from the ocean, leftover fabric scraps, and fluff from old nylon carpets.  We strive to create the highest quality swimwear pieces so you can enjoy wearing them for as long as possible, helping to reduce the impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment.

Our Founders

Taylor and Savannah Wilkinson created Pure Bliss Bikinis out of a love of swimwear and passion for protecting and spreading a message of environmental activism on behalf of the ocean.  Pure Bliss started as a dream to see swimwear and environmental advocacy combined into one joint movement.  We see every swimwear sale as an opportunity to communicate the importance of ocean health with our Pure Bliss Babes.  

We prioritize comfort and adjustability in all of our pieces.  Our styles are minimal, simplistic, and elegant as we strive to see our styles as wearable for years to come.  Pure Bliss Bikinis are meant and designed to be a classic in your swimwear wardrobe for summers on end, reducing our footprint on the environment and promoting a slow and sustainable approach to fashion.  We avoid seasonal trends and instead focus on creating long lasting, high quality classics.  

We could not be more excited to have you on this journey with us!  Thank you for your interest and support of Pure Bliss Bikinis.