The Black Bikini - Sleek, Sexy, and an Absolute Classic

The little black bikini is a summer must-have!  It is a classic that can be the go-to for many, many, summer funtivites and a love of ours because it never goes out of style.  Is it bad that black might be our favorite color?  We think not, and let me tell you why...  A simple black swimsuit is wonderful in that it can be a go to for years.  Bold prints and styles, cut-outs, and loud colors come and go as quickly as they appeared.  Pure Bliss Bikinis love the sustainable nature of this classic swimwear color.  To complement its timelessness, our sustainable fabric made with regenerated nylon withholds its shape and depth of color better than fabric made with virgin materials. 

How to Choose the Perfect Black Bikini

We recommend starting your search by choosing high quality swimsuit pieces made with fabric that holds its own against the sun, skin lotions, and sunscreen.  High quality swimwear can often come with a larger price tag, but due to the fact that you can wear this classic color for years to come makes it a worthwhile investment.

When choosing a black bikini, we recommend prioritizing your favorite activity completed when wearing a swimsuit.  Is it an athletic style so you can be active on the beach? Is it minimal coverage to get fewer tan lines when laying by the pool? Or perhaps a supportive bikini top is the most important overall?  It is up to you!  Whatever your favorite activity being, getting a black bikini in this style will ensure you want to wear the suit for years to come.  As an added bonus, black won't go out of style like many trends that come and go.

Consider Swimwear Fabric Choices - Ribbed and Textured versus Traditional

Ribbed swimwear fabric is definitely trending.  While we love the stretch and comfort provided by ribbed fabric, traditional flat black swimwear is an absolute classic.  Textured swimwear fabric is beginning to replace many of the more traditional fabrics and is being used all across the swimwear space.  We have no doubt that the textured swimwear trend is here to stay so choosing between the two comes down to personal preference, as there are many benefits offered by both.  The wonderful thing about black is that it is hard to go wrong in this department.  Choose whichever option is the most appealing to you!

Black Rib Bikini Top

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Bikini Coverage Options - String or More Modest

When choosing a black bikini, consider what coverage option is the most comfortable for you.  String bikinis are a staple and have been in style for decades.  However, a more modest option can exude class and feel comfortable in a wide variety of situations.

little black bikini

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Dress it Up or Keep it Simple

The beauty of black swimwear is that it can be dressed up with layering jewelry, a beach sarong, or wrap skirt.  As an alternative, it can be kept casual by wearing with a pair of denim high waisted shorts.  It can blend and adapt to multiple situations as it is a classic color.  

Reversible Bikinis - Black Paired with a Print

Reversible swimwear offers the best of both worlds.  Black can be complemented by reversing to a print when wanting to switch it up.  Choosing reversible bikinis that have a solid black side allow it to be mixed and matched with a print or colors.

Prioritize Adjustable Swimwear Pieces

Choosing adjustable bikinis is essential when thinking about the longevity of a swimsuit.  If you are investing in a high quality bikini, in a classic color, ensure it is adjustable so that you can wear it for as long as possible.  Our bodies are constantly changing.  By purchasing swimwear that can adjust and be modified it allows swimsuits to stay in our wardrobe far longer than non-adjustable pieces.