6 Reasons High Waisted Bikini Bottoms Are The Most Flattering and Comfortable Choice

I don't know about you, but we are beyond happy the high-waisted bikini bottom trend is here to stay.  High-waisted swimwear bottoms are our go-to option when opting for comfort, which let's be honest is almost always, but also when wanting to accentuate the beauty of the female figure.  If you're not already convinced high-waisted swimsuit bottoms are right for you, let us give you the reasons high-waisted bikini bottoms are the most flattering and will become your favorite swimsuit bottoms for years to come. Leopard High Waisted Bikini Set

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High Waisted Bikini Bottoms Provide Tummy Control

Most high-waisted bikini bottoms offer some form of an elastic waistband.  These can range from thick to thin, and the amount of elastic sewn into the seam can vary as well.  The best bet if you're wanting to be held in is to go with a thick waistband.  Say goodbye to having to worry about sucking everything in, the perfect high-waisted swimsuit bottom will do it for you.High waisted black bikini bottoms

The Laguna high waisted bikini bottoms made with black ribbed fabrics from recycled ocean plastics

Elongated Legs

If you choose a high-waisted bikini bottom that has a high leg cut, meaning more of the side of the leg is exposed leading up to the hip, it does wonders for elongating your legs.  Pair this with tummy control from the elastic waistband designed to hold you in, and you are onto a pretty flattering high-waisted bikini combo.

High waisted white rib bikini bottom

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High waisted seamless bottoms won't dig in

Seamless swimwear bottoms go a long way for providing comfort and a flattering cut.  A seamless swimsuit is created by tucking the elastic and seam inside two layers of soft, creamy fabric. It is hidden to the naked eye, and won't rub or dig into your skin.  This helps a high-waisted bikini bottom appear more flattering because it won't have a seam digging in causing a double butt or extra rolls, and as an additional perk makes it much more comfortable to wear.

Striped bikini set made with recycled plastic from the ocean

The Laguna Set in Pacific Stripe is seamless and reversible

Modest Options

With the additional fabric provided by most high-waisted bikini options, there is no worry of having to choose between a one-piece or a bikini, as both can offer very similar coverage options.  High-waisted bikini bottoms offer the wearer the comfort of additional coverage while still providing a very flattering cut.

black ribbed high waisted bikini bottoms

High neck and high waisted set in black rib, made with recycled plastics

Won't fall off

We all know that feeling, the moment of diving into clear, crisp water, only to then realize in horror that you are mooning your closest friends and family.  That is something we all want to avoid.  And fortunately, with a high-waisted swimsuit bottom, you can forget all about it.  The elastic waist seam does wonders for helping the bikini bottoms stay in place for whatever funtivity may be taking place.


High waisted black bikini bottoms

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Oh so slimming

This might be the most obvious reason that makes anyone say, "yes I'll take those please". The feeling of trying on a swimsuit bottom and instantly crushing on yourself is the absolute best!  What we've found to be the most slimming option for high waisted bottoms is a pair that comes up to the belly button to hold in the tummy, a slightly higher cut on the sides to help elongate legs, and a little bit of a cheeky cut on the back to accentuate your assets.  Fortunately, finding the perfect pair of flattering high waisted bottoms comes down to personal preference and what makes you feel the most confident and sexy, beyond that it doesn't really matter :)