What are the Benefits of Texture and Crinkle Swimwear Fabrics?

Crinkle swimwear has become incredibly popular and for good reason, there are just so many things to love about crinkle fabric. Crinkle fabrics are one of the most stretchy swimwear options which makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. Read on to find out why this is our new favorite swimwear fabric and check out some of our best-selling crinkle swimwear pieces.Crinkle swimwear

Crinkle Swimwear has Superb Stretch

The incredibly flexible fabric means most crinkle swimwear has superb stretch, making it very comfortable to wear. Crinkle swimwear can also be more flattering due to the improved stretch as it conforms very well to the shape of the body.

Crinkle Swimsuits are Incredibly Comfortable

You might be wondering what makes this fabric not just incredibly popular, but also wonderfully comfortable. The reason crinkle swimwear is so comfortable is due to the stretchiness. You feel like you can breathe; it doesn’t try to make your body conform to the shape of the suit and cut in strange places, the flexible fabric will stretch and mold to fit your unique shape.  Shop supportive and comfortable crinkle swimwear favorites.Crinkle bikini

Crinkle Bikinis are Long-Lasting

The long-lasting element of a crinkle bikini is due to its ability to shape and conform to your body, letting you wear it for years to come even as your body may change size and shape over time. The fabric can stretch up or down without losing its shape or comfortable feel. The second factor is the three-dimensional shape of the fabric, making it less easy to see sun spots or faded marks in contrast to traditional swimwear fabric.

Crinkled Swimwear Sizing is More Forgivable

It can be a challenge to find a bikini that fits just right, however, with crinkle swimwear fabric the incredible stretch allows more breathing room with sizing as the fabric can stretch a great deal more than traditional swimwear fabric. It can be a great option post baby, as it can stretch up or down a size with ease, fitting great now and later.

Crinkled bikinis

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Crinkle Bathing Suits Create More Eye-catching Interest with Texture

There is more visual depth to a crinkled swimsuit due to the ridges of the fabric. Regular swimwear fabric is two-dimensional, it is in a single plane that looks the same and while that can be great, it is fun to mix it up with fabric that has more of a three-dimensional look. It creates interest while still being subtle, not having to be a loud print to draw attention.

Textured and Crinkled Swimwear Have a Fun Look and Feel

At the end of the day, we just love having a fun bikini to wear to the beach, and textured and crinkle swimwear fits the bill. It’s comfortable, sporty, plush, cute, and very flattering. So in terms of trends in swimwear, this is one we are solidly behind. Check out our favorite crinkle swimwear pieces.

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