The Benefits of Wearing Mid Rise Bikini Bottoms

Alert! There's a new style emerging, and we're all about it.  Throughout this blog, our goal is to share with you why mid-rise swimwear bottoms are beyond comfortable and your next go-to choice when choosing bikini bottoms.

Black Midrise Bikini Bottom

What is a Mid Rise Bikini Bottom?

Mid-rise is a style of swimwear bottom that is worn just below the belly button.  Differing from high-waisted swimwear that sits directly at the top of the belly button and the most narrow part of the waist.  

Benefits of Wearing Mid Rise Swimwear Bottoms

Why are mid-rise bikini bottoms flattering?

Mid-rise bikini bottoms seem to be the preferred new cut for swimwear bottoms.  And not that we mind, it can be super flattering when paired with a high leg cut. Read below for the top reasons we love this new style!

1. The flattering cut of Mid Rise Bikini Bottoms

They are not worn obnoxiously high and not low rise, the cut can be so flattering because it rests right in the middle.  Mid-rise swim bottoms Can be more comfortable because they sit up just slightly on the stomach, less feeling of falling down but not as bandage feeling as some high-waisted bikini bottoms can feel.

2. Can be adjustable, asymmetrical, or solid strap

Rib Mid rise swimsuit bottom

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Styles of Mid Rise Bikini Bottoms

1. Adjustable Mid Rise Swimsuit Bottoms

Adjustable swimwear bottoms are our favorite type of any bikini bottom style because they can be the most comfortable and freeing as you have control over how you wear it.  Adjustable straps allow you to tighten, loosen, hike up high on the hips, or leave low rise.

  Cheeky Mid rise bikini bottom

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2. Non-Adjustable Mid Rise Bikini Bottoms

This is a go-to style for activities.  Non-adjustable swimwear bottoms can be great for any type of movement as they stay in place really well.

3. Cheeky or Moderate Coverage Mid Rise Swimwear Bottoms

The type of coverage desired is a completely personal decision.  We love the availability of cheeky and moderate coverage options within mid-rise swimwear.  

4. Seamless Mid Rise Bikini Bottoms

We love seamless bikini bottoms because they are so comfortable! Seamless means the elastic is tucked up into the two folds of fabric instead of being exposed and rubbing against your skin.