Why We do beach cleanups

For every bikini purchased we remove one pound of trash from the ocean through beach cleanups.

At Pure Bliss Bikinis the health of the ocean is our number one priority. Our goal is to be an environmental activism company selling swimwear as a way to spread awareness of the health of the ocean. Pure Bliss recycled bikinis are created with an eco-fabric made with ghost fishing nets and plastics from landfills, but we wanted to do more for the earth and our Pure Bliss Babes, so we decided that hosting beach cleanups would be a great start.
Last year with the launch of Pure Bliss Bikinis, we decided to commit to remove one pound of trash from the ocean for every swimsuit purchased through beach cleanups. This has led us to regularly head out on the weekends to either host our own cleanups, or join forces with ocean conservancy groups.

Beach cleanups are an important priority for us because they allow us to:

1.Provide something tangible our customers can be proud of with their bikini purchase

Beyond using a sustainable recycled plastic fabric, we wanted to provide our customers with something tangible they could be proud of with their swimwear purchase. Our goal is to create a guilt - free bikini, one that our Pure Bliss Babes feel proud to wear through our commitment to remove a pound of trash for every bikini purchased.

2. Spread awareness of the harms caused by single use items

Every time we host a beach cleanup we are constantly reminded of the pollution problem facing the ocean. We are reminded of the consequences of the single-use mindset, and what will happen to the ocean if we turn a blind eye to the realities our planet faces. It inspires us every time we go to the beach to continue to be good caretakers of our earth’s precious resources, and strive to spread that awareness to others.

3. Be active and contributing members of our community

It is important to us to contribute to our local community and to connect with others through our love of the ocean. We are so fortunate to live in San Diego and enjoy the beautiful beaches in this area, and want to do our part to keep it a wonderful place. Through beach cleanups we get to meet other like-minded individuals which encourages us and gives us the momentum we need to move forward.

If you would like to host a beach or waterway in your community, contact us for more info.

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