Fiesta Island Beach Cleanup hosted by The Vanlife App

The Pure Bliss Bikinis Team was excited to join the beach cleanup hosted by The Vanlife App on Fiesta Island in San Diego on January 25th.  It was our first time out to Fiesta Island, and it was quite different than what we had expected.  It was very flat, dusty, and dirty.  It was so polluted, in part, because of the amount of people that spend the day there and fail to take their trash with them when they leave.  There was more trash in sight than what our small team could remove.  The majority of the trash was leftover from people who had been partying on the island, so a lot of food wrappers and bottles.  It was really really disappointing to see that there are so many people who do not have a care or concern for the environment, and choose to leave behind so much evidence that they had been there.  Even though all that is separating the island from San Diego is a tiny bridge, it felt like a totally different world.  It was by far the most polluted place we have been to clean up in our time in San Diego.

In about an hour of cleanup time we removed approximately 10 pound of trash.  The majority of it being plastic food wrappers, plastic bags, and plastic and glass bottles.

Pure Bliss Bikinis beach cleanup Fiesta Island


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