Pure Bliss Bikinis Cleanup at Imperial Beach

On March 17th, or Day 2 of the shut down in San Diego due to coronavirus concerns, we went to Imperial Beach for a cleanup to keep ourselves productive and help out the ocean at the same time.  We went to the southernmost portion of beach, just north of the Tijuana river mouth.  There has been heavy rainfall in San Diego during the past couple weeks which has caused large amounts of urban runoff to pollute the ocean.  Coupled with the sewage runoff from the Tijuana River, the beach was quite smelly.  

We found many plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, styrofoam pieces, and plastic bags full of dog poop.  We had the beach almost to ourselves, and collected approximately 8 pounds of trash in a relatively short amount of time.  It was a beautiful day and we were thankful to be outside.