The Benefits of Wearing Adjustable Bikini Bottoms

We love adjustable bikini bottoms because they are so comfortable and simplify the quest to find the perfect fitting bottoms! The flexibility offered to adjust based on size, style, and fit makes them our go-to choice when deciding what bikini bottoms to try next.  Not all bodies are the same, we are each unique, which makes adjustable bikini bottoms our first choice when trying to find the perfect fit.  Shop our timeless collection of adjustable bikini bottoms.

What are adjustable bikini bottoms?  

An adjustable bikini bottom is when an element of the design can be modified or changed to your liking.  There are many different ways a bikini top can be adjusted, while bikini bottoms are more straightforward, typically offering adjustable side ties.  We love the flexibility offered with adjustable swimwear and suggest that if you are going to purchase a high-quality piece, choose an adjustable bikini bottom that can mold and support you as your body and preferences for fit change over time.

Adjustable string bikini bottoms

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What are the benefits of wearing adjustable bikini bottoms?

Adjustable Bikini bottoms have a customizable fit

Having bikini bottoms that can tie or adjust on the sides means you can customize the fit and feel to your body’s unique shape.  There are definitely days when wearing something tight is less appealing, and having adjustable bikini bottoms gives way more flexibility. 

Adjustable side-tie bikini bottoms

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Adjustable bikini bottoms are incredibly comfortable

Adjustable swimwear bottoms can be more comfortable as you can tighten them before getting in the water, or loosen if you feel the need for a little breathing room.  It can be difficult shopping online to find the perfect fit, so having an element of control over the sizing through adjustable features is incredibly important.

Adjustable bikini bottoms change with your body’s shape

Our bodies are constantly changing.  When you buy high-quality swimwear, it’s important to choose an adjustable bikini style that can adapt to those changes throughout the years to ensure you can continue wearing the swimsuit for as long as possible.

Adjustable Bikini Bottoms can be adapted as styles change

Love the high hip look that has swept the swimwear world over the last few years? So do we! If you have an adjustable bikini bottom you can simply hike the sides up, tighten once in position on your hips, and give yourself a brand new look.  Check out our all time favorite adjustable bikini bottoms.

Adjust the amount of coverage as you see fit

Our Kailua bottoms were strategically designed to be worn in multiple ways.  If you prefer more coverage, wear traditionally, with more fabric coverage in the back.  If you would like a cheekier cut, flip the bikini bottoms around and place the side with more coverage in front for a high hip, high-waisted look.

What Styles do Adjustable Bikini Bottoms come in?

Adjustable Side Tie Bikini Bottoms 

Swimsuit bottoms that tie on the sides are an ideal bottom option that will adjust and change with you from day to day and year to year.  It is so comfortable to be able to adjust to your preference.

Adjustable Coverage Swimwear Bottom

Some styles, like our Kailua bottoms, can be worn "backward" to achieve a cheekier, higher-hip look.

Bikini Bottoms with adjustable hip straps

We love bikini bottoms with adjustable hip straps.  Typically this is found with string bikini bottoms but if you don’t want strings causing a distraction, try this sleek take on the classic.

Adjustable bikini bottom with front tie

Although not as drastic of a change, some swimwear bottoms have modifiers in the front for slight variations in fit and style. 

Adjustable bikini bottom with front ties

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Our Biggest Tips for Choosing Adjustable Bikini Bottoms

Choose high-quality pieces that are designed to last and created with luxurious fabrics that are more comfortable and stay in your closet for summers on end.  By pairing high-quality fabrics with swimwear designs that are adjustable and can change and mold to your body, the life expectancy of each piece increases, adding both physical longevity to the product and the adaptability to new trends.