How to Choose the Best Underwire Bikini Top

We are obsessed with underwire bikini tops because of the support they offer.  A cross between a comfortable bra and bikini top? Yes please.  Read our guide below for all of the reasons we love underwire bikini tops and what to look for when purchasing one.

Leopard print underwire bikini top

What is an Underwire Bikini Top?

An underwire bikini is a swimwear top made with a wire in the shape of U to mold, hold, and support the breasts.  The wire is “under” the fabric, often placed in an elastic sheath to keep it from poking or prodding and creating an uncomfortable feeling for the wearer.  It is most often placed between two layers of fabric, insulating it well and creating a streamlined look for the swimwear top. 

Underwire Bikini Top in Black Rib Fabric made with Recycled Plastics

What are the benefits of choosing underwire bikini tops?


Keep the breasts perky with over the shoulder straps that adjust, giving you as much lift as desired.  Make sure when you are searching for a underwire swimwear top to find one that adjusts both in terms of the over the shoulder straps, and with a tie that secures in the back.  You can browse our favorite adjustable underwire tops here.

Easily know your size - because its based on bra sizing

It can be tricky to know the right size to order when it comes to swimwear.  Fortunately, it is easier to purchase the correct size with underwire tops as for most brands they are primarily based off of bra sizes. 

Are underwire bikini tops supportive for large busts?

White Rib underwire bikini top

Shop Underwire Bikini Top in White Rib with Adjustable Shoulder and Back Straps

Underwire bikini tops offer support not found in other swim tops and this is why the best swimsuit top for large busts is undoubtably an underwire bikini top.  Due to the rigid structure of underwire, the soft 4-way stretch fabric that is used to make swimwear will be given a more solid foundation from which to provide support.  The majority of swimwear does not contain any wire and so does not provide the same support as what is offered by the structure of underwire.

Prevents sag by offering structure

Due to the support mentioned above, the top is able to offer more in terms of providing perk and lift than other styles of swimsuit top. 

Keeps pressure off the neck by distributing weight to shoulders

For women with large busts, lucky you, underwire tops come in many styles with over the shoulder straps, instead of a traditional halter tie around the neck.  Because of this, weight from the chest is distributed across the shoulders and not the neck, which can help reduce pain often caused by a traditional halter style.

Pure Bliss bikini underwire leopard bikini top

Underwire Leopard Bikini Top made with Recycled Plastics

Underwire bikini tops with no padding

Underwire bikini tops with no padding are often a more comfortable option, but may offer less of a push up factor than an underwire swimwear top with built in or removable padding.  Our favorite underwire option is without padding, as these cups tend to be more moldable to each individual breast shape and offer a more natural look.