How to Choose the Most Flattering Side Tie String Bikini Bottoms

String bikinis have been a swimwear staple for decades.  Side tie string swim bottoms can be very flattering and offer adjustability on a level not commonly found when buying swimwear bottoms.  We've put together some of pointers of what to be on the lookout for when deciding on your next string bikini bottoms.

What to look for when choosing string bikini bottoms

Double Lined 

Double lined swimwear bottoms are made with two pieces of swimwear fabric sewn together.  The alternative to double lined is one layer of swimwear fabric and one layer of liner.  Liner is typically a much thinner piece of fabric and can vary in color from that of the swimwear fabric.  Double lined bikini bottoms offer much more in terms of durability, lasting color, and maintaining shape.  A well loved pair of bikini bottoms can develop snags and by having an extra layer of fabric that is the same material and color goes a long ways.


Seamless swimwear is made by using a thin piece of elastic sewn inside two layers of fabric to create a seam that is invisible to the touch and eye.  The alternative is one piece of swimwear fabric sewn together with a piece of liner with the seam being against the body.  Seams can help to hold bottoms in place and work well for full coverage bottoms.  However, if you are shopping for cheeky bottoms we recommend a seamless design as these are much more comfortable.  Seamless design can also improve the lifespan of a bikini as exposed seams when washed can experience snags and tears.


One of the major perks of buying side tie string bikini bottoms is that they are adjustable and can be worn for years even as your body and size may change.  A current trend is string bikini bottoms that are made with one thin side strap that is unable to be tied.  Although we love this look, it can be difficult to score the right size and the lack of adjustability can be quite limiting.

Avoid Low Rise 

Although this may speak for itself, avoid ultra low rise bikini bottoms at all costs.  The low rise fit that may have been all the rage when we were wearing skin tight, butt crack exposing jeans in high school has fortunately been replaced with a more moderate take on how much fabric is provided.  From a comfort and aesthetic standpoint, look for bottoms that will sit a higher up on the hips.  This will provide a more slimming look and help to avoid the muffin top affect that can be created when bottoms sit to low.  

What Fit to Choose

Cheeky Versus Full Coverage

How much coverage to choose is based on personal preference.  Feeling uncomfortable in a swimsuit is something we hope everyone can avoid! Choose the coverage amount based on what will help you feel the most sexy.  For string bikini bottoms, we prefer cheekier coverage.  The adjustable side ties will often loosen in water and if the bottoms have ample fabric it can bunch and give an unflattering wedge.  Another problem that can come from full coverage string bikini bottoms are they can appear saggy when wet.  The extra fabric gathers in the center and weighs down with the water.  For these reasons, we think cheeky is the more flattering option to choose.

How To Wear String Bikini Bottoms

We stand by the current trend of wearing swim bottoms pulled high up on the hips.  This method of wearing does a fantastic job of elongating the legs, accentuating curves in all the right ways, and greatly helps to eliminate the "muffin top" effect that can be created from tight, low rise bikini bottoms.  As Kim K would say, it gives a "snatched" look.