The Ribbed Bikini - Why We Love Textured Swimwear

Ribbed swimwear fabric is perhaps the most versatile and flattering new element to have entered the swimwear scene in quite sometime, and we are obsessed with it!  Although it has been gathering momentum over the last few years, it shows no signs of losing popularity anytime soon.

What is a Ribbed Bikini?

Ribbed swimwear fabric provides texture and depth making simple swim pieces pop with interest.   Most ribbed swimsuit pieces have the ribs of the fabric running vertically.  This helps to draw the eye up and down, immediately slimming the figure by making it appear longer and taller.  It also provides the added benefit of improving stretch horizontally, by offering more room to expand width wise in between each ribbed groove.

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What are the Benefits of Wearing a Ribbed Swimsuit?

Ribbed Swimwear Offers Improved Stretch

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As there are countless swimwear designs and styles, there are also many types of swimwear fabrics and difference in stretch provided.  Most swimwear fabrics provide 4 way stretch, meaning they will stretch equally in whichever direction pulled.  Ribbed fabrics up the bar in terms of stretch and the ability to recover back to its original shape after use, ultimately making the swimsuit more comfortable as it can better adjust to the shape of your body.  As ribbed fabric can offer superior stretch to it's traditional swim fabric counterparts, not all ribbed fabric is created equal.  It is still of the utmost importance to choose quality pieces as cheap ribbed swimwear will easily overstretch without the ability to retain its shape over time.

Effortlessly Transition From Swim to Casual wear With a Ribbed Bikini Top

Have you ever wished to wear your bikini top out and about beyond the beach? Us too!  Ribbed swimwear pieces offer an elegant and interesting layer beyond traditional swimwear pieces that make the transition from swim to casual wear seem effortless.  We love pairing a ribbed bikini top with a pair of high waisted shorts or skirt for the perfect beachy look.

Ribbed Bikinis Offer Depth and Interest With Texture

White ribbed bikini set

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Ribbed swimwear fabric has contours, small hills and valleys of fabric that give the eye something pleasant to notice.  A traditional swimwear fabric is 2 dimensional and unless there is a pattern or striking design that captivates the eye, it can at times seem flat.  Quite the contrary, ribbed fabric is 3 dimensional so has one more element of interest.  The small grooves on the fabric can make even the most simple bikini stand out!

Ribbed Swimsuits Can Help Elongate the Body

Ribbed swimwear fabric can be orientated either horizontally or vertically.  Similar to stripes, if the ribbed pattern is vertically orientated, it can help to elongate the body by making one seem taller and more sleek by drawing the eye up and down versus side to side.