How to Layer Necklaces to Complement Your Bikini

Tricks for Layering Gold Necklaces to make your swimsuit standout

There is nothing quite like delicate gold jewelry to complement tan skin and accessorize a cute bikini.  Layering multiple necklaces can add detail and sophistication to a simple and effortless swimwear top whereas a single elegant gold necklace can be the classic statement piece to complete a detailed swimsuit.

The Deep V Neckline - Layer It Up 

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A deep V neckline on a one piece or bikini top is accentuated and complemented with multiple layered necklaces and larger pendants.  

Varying Lengths is KeyV neck bikini with gold necklaces

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The more simple the design of the bikini top, the more layering to be done.  Think classic triangle bikini top and solid prints.  Lengths of chains to look for are 14" for a choker, 16" to lay on the collar bone, and 18" to 20" to hit mid chest.  Chain extenders make for an easy and affordable way to change up the length of necklaces you already have.


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Try layering different types of chains and pendants.  Varying textures can provide perfect contrast for pieces to stand out and remain unique when being layered with multiple others.  Some of our favorite pendants include gold coins and gold plated gemstones, shells, and pearls.


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The more intricate the bikini top, the more simple the necklace to complement it.  Patterned fabrics, gold o-rings, ruffles, and front ties offer detail on their own and can benefit from a single delicate statement piece.

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