Step 1

Pick a time, date, and place for your cleanup. Add it to our events calendar below so we can promote and share your cleanup with other Pure Bliss Babes. 

Step 2

Grab some reusable bags and gloves and head to the beach/river.  Follow the Ocean Conservancy's Guide for tips on hosting your own cleanup.

Step 3

Document your cleanup by snapping a group photo with all you've cleaned up and post on Instagram tagging @pureblissbikinis.  Account must be a public page so we can see it and share.

Step 4

DM us with your group photo and an estimate of how many pounds of trash your group picked up. Once we receive this we will send you a personalized discount code for $99 off a Pure Bliss Bikini.
* Please follow all Covid - 19 related guidelines in your area to keep you, and your fellow beach buddies, safe.
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