Pure Bliss Bikinis Cleans Imperial Beach

On November 11th the Pure Bliss Bikinis Team partnered with STRW Co. to cleanup the southern portion of Imperial Beach.  The Tijuana River empties into the ocean nearby, and often there is an overflow of sewage from the river that causes the nearby beaches to be closed for swimming about 300 days a year.  It was an absolute beautiful day and between the eight of us we collected approximately 5 pounds of trash in about an hour and half.  The most common items found were bits and pieces of broken up styrofoam, beer bottles and cans, plastic bottles, and plastic bottle lids.  The most note worthy finds were a used condom, tampon applicator, syringe half full of fluid, opened tampon, and bags of collected dog feces.  On a more positive note we met a woman on the beach who everyday walks and cleans up either the beach or street by her house and has been doing that for years.  She was very inspiring!  

Pure Bliss Bikinis Team hosting a beach cleanup at Imperial BeachThe trash collected by the Pure Bliss Bikinis Team at Imperial BeachPure Bliss Bikinis Team walking on beach to pick up trash