The Sports Bra Bikini Top - How to Choose the Best Athletic Swimwear

Athleisure wear is the cross of athletic wear and, as the name suggests, clothing suited to leisurely lounging or a casual day out.  We are huge fans of this trend.  I mean, who doesn't love wearing yoga pants all day long?  With this in mind, it only makes sense that many beach babes would want the ability to sport their bikini top not only at the beach, but also while doing their favorite active hobby.  Many bikini tops offer support and structure that could be well suited for active wear.  Keep in mind the following tips when trying to find the perfect bikini top that can be suited for a range of your funtivities.

A Top That Functions as a Sports Bra or Bikini Top


Does it offer enough support for the movement of your activity?  If you are wanting it for an active sport with a lot of up and down movement, this aspect is crucial.  The best supportive aspect of a bikini to check for is a thick under bust band made with elastic, similar to the construction of a sports bra.  The thick under bust band with elastic will ensure a steady, consistent fit with little movement.  The elastic stretches to each persons shape and maintains its form when wet, helping a bikini top function well both in and out of the water.

High neck black ribbed bikini top


As a nip slip is less than ideal, consider the build of a bikini top when thinking of your funtivity.  For example, will it work for yoga if you're doing an inversion?  Consider the structure and design of a bikini top.  Does it have straps that stay on and an adjustable feature to help keep the tatas in place?  


As bodies change and your swim top changes shape from wet to dry and vice versa, does it offer any form of adjustment to compensate for the transition and changes in stretch?  We are firm believers that swimwear should be made to be adjustable.  This means the over shoulder straps and under bust band will have a way to be tightened or let out depending on personal preference.  This factor is also crucial to consider when picking out a top that needs to function well and maintain its shape when both wet and dry.

From Yoga to Surfing

What activity is the bikini top best suited for?

Surfing - Will the shoulder straps stay on and bottom up?  We recommend choosing a top with a thick under-bust elastic band or adjustable features.

Jogging - Does it offer under-bust support and thick over shoulder straps to help support the weight of the chest and keep pressure off the neck?

Sportsbra bikini topYoga - Can it accommodate upside down movement?  A higher neckline might be the best option for larger busts.

Supportive bikini tops