Step 1:

Pick a time, date, and place. Add it to our events calendar so we can
promote and share your cleanup with other Pure Bliss Babes. (Form with
fields to agree to us using content in blogs.)

Step 2:

Grab some reusable bags and gloves and head to the beach/river. Link to blog

Step 3:

Document your cleanup by snapping a group photo, with all that you’ve
cleaned up.

Step 4:

Post your beach cleanup pic on insta or Fb and tag @pureblissbikinis.
(Make sure you are a public page so we can see it and share)

Step 5:

DM us with with your photo, a list of most common pieces of trash you
found, and an estimate how many pounds you picked up. Once we receive
this we will send you your personalized discount code for $99 off your
next purchase.