How To Take The Best Bikini Photos For Instagram

Tips and tricks to get that Instagram worthy bikini picture!

There are several ways you can pose to get the best and most flattering angles, whether its by a pool or at the beach. 

TIP #1. Don't take yourself too seriously, and have fun with it. All of us want to look our best in photos but don't be hard on yourself and just remember your body is beautiful no matter how you pose. 

How to pose when kneeling. 

How to: It's pretty simple, just make sure your knees are set wider apart than the width of your shoulders. This creates a sliming looking for your upper body and creates the best thigh to waist ratio. You can find this pose on most models and famous celebs Instagram pages. It's also a very complementing pose on all body types. This is an all around great pose for when you're on the beach or by a pool. Check out these examples below and try it out next time you find yourself at the beach.


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How to pose laying or sitting.

How to: When sitting and posing it's all about elongating your body and finding your perfect angle. Now this can vary depending on each person but here are a few sure tips to make your next pic stand out.

1. Sit with one of your legs angled or bent and one straight. This adds dimension and can make your body look longer. 

2. If you are laying down and the photo is being taken from the side, sit on your hips so you're facing the camera and bring your bottom leg forward and bend at the knee slightly. Have your upper leg straight to create the perfect silhouette or bend it and touch that knee to the ground in front of you for a really advanced pose. (See photo below for example)











How to pose standing

How to: Point your toes slightly out and put one leg in front of the other to create a slimming and elongated look. Keep your arms either at your side, or have one hand up as if you're touching your hair, and often looking to the side and putting your hand up as if you're blocking the sun can look very natural as well and give your hand something to do. 

The "fake walk" is another great go to move. Slow walk towards the camera and look to the side, use a hand to touch your hair or let them hang down by your sides, just make sure one foot is in front of the other and point the toes if you're barefoot to make your leg look as long as possible.





  One tip for your hands: Grab your suit as pictured above to not only create that "snatched" look with a high hip placement, but also give your hands a place to be that won't look uncomfortable. 

How to get the best lighting.

How To: Shoot your photos during times of the day when the sun isn't harsh and casting those unwanted shadows. 

Avoid times of day when the sun is directly overhead as the shadows can break a photo. Morning or later afternoon hours will be the best times because the sunlight will be softer giving a more "glowy" look with the added perk of avoiding unwanted shadows over your face. 



Go for golden hour

Like we said above, this time of day fantastic for photos. Not only does the lighting in evening/late afternoon look softer but since it isn't as bright, your skin will look softer and you'll need less makeup and  look flawless. The photos before sunset also give off a redish and pink tones which give it an "already edited" type look. This is why the term golden hour is even a thing, because if you take pics during this hour, you look GOLDEN!

Choosing the best props.

Every photo can be made better with prop. Not only can they be cute but they can also keep your hands busy so there is less room for awkward "where do I put my hand" moments.

Sun hats: Hats are not only a cute addition to a photo but you can have them show up in so many ways. On your head, in your hand, laying on the towel next to you etc. The possibilities are endless.



A cute beach towel: Lay it out, have it in the background, lay on it, hold it over your arm, wave it in the sky, do whatever you want with it but don't underestimate a towel and what it can add to any beach or pool shot.



Sunglasses: Not only are they usually necessary out in the sunshine, but they can make it much easier to pose when you don't have to think about blinking or squinting ruining your photo. Plus they're cute and stylish so it's a win win.



Snorkel gear: If you're an ocean lover and happen to have a set of goggles and a snorkel, this is the best prop because you'll look adventurous, and fun! Wear the mask on top of your forehead or have them both in your hand, either way it's a sure way to enhance any beach pic.



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